General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery

Initial Provisions

These terms and conditions apply solely to purchases made in the e-shop at and define in greater detail and specify the rights and obligations of the Seller (operator) and the Buyer (customer).


Miroslava Toupalová
Palackého 103
290 01 Poděbrady
Company Registration No. CZ8052120681

Incorporated with the Registration Court in Prague, Section. Inset No. 102247.

Scope of business: Production, trade and services not specified in Schedules Nos.. to. to the Trades Licensing Act.


A physical and/or legal entity that completely concludes an order for the goods in the said e-shop (by clicking the “Confirm the order” button).

Contractual relations are subject solely to the laws applicable in the territory of the CR and to Czech jurisdiction. By placing a binding order the Buyer expresses his consent with these terms and conditions of sale and payment and undertakes to fully respect these.

Conclusion of a Purchase Contract

An order represents a draft purchase contract. The purchase contract is created at the moment of the Buyer accepting the ordered goods. The place of delivery will be the address specified by the Buyer in the registration form or order. The ownership right to the goods will pass over to the Buyer upon their acceptance after the payment of the purchase price. The prices given in the goods catalogue are the end prices, including VAT at 21%.

Personal Data Protection

All the personal data of the Buyer are processed only at the extent necessary for dealing with the order and in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll., as amended.

By registering in the system of the above specified e-shop the Buyer gives his consent to his internal data being stored in the company database, which serves only for the faster processing of subsequent future orders, or possibly dealing with a complaint or a back check of accounting documents. On no account is the information about the customer provided to a third party.

Withdrawal from the Purchase Contract

The e-shop operator is entitled to withdraw from the Contract up to the point of sending the parcel, due to the non-availability of the goods or a considerable change in their price. However in such a case he is obliged to contact the customer and agree on further steps.

Under the Civil Code the Buyer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract without the necessity of giving a reason within the period of no more than 14 days from the day of accepting the goods, under no sanction. Should you decide, to make use of this possibility, please follow the instructions below:

Should you decide, to make use of this possibility, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Send the non-used and undamaged goods including the delivery note and proof of purchase by registered post to the address: ROSSI - CRYSTAL, Palackého 103, 290 01 Poděbrady. Do not send the goods. cash on delivery, goods returned in this way will not be accepted.

  2. Please specify the returned items on the note and state the number of the bank account which we should remit the money to.

  3. If you insist on the money being returned by postal order, the costs actually expended, i.e. the fee charged by Česká pošta (Czech Post) for the type. postal order will be deducted from the sum to be returned to you.

  4. The money will be returned to you within 10 business days from receiving the goods, however at the latest within 30 days from the withdrawal from the contract.

Important information:

If the goods are returned in damaged packaging, other than the original packaging or without packaging, the Seller reserves the right to deduct the costs actually expended in connection with the procurement of new packaging, from the sum to be returned to the Buyer.

The costs of returning the goods connected with the transportation or sending are to be covered by the Buyer.


We provide the same terms and conditions for making complaints in our e-shop as are applied in an ordinary high street shop in compliance with the valid Commercial Code, or the Civil Code.

With each parcel the Buyer shall receive proof of goods purchase which at the same time will serve as a guarantee certificate for any possible complaint. It is not possible to initiate the complaint procedure without this document. When making a complaint, the Buyer will deliver the product under complaint, at his own expense and risk, to the address: ROSSI - CRYSTAL, Palackého 103, 290 01 Poděbrady. The Seller will be bound to provide the Buyer with written confirmation as to when the Buyer exercised this right, what the content of the complaint is and which method of dealing with the complaint the consumer demands. The complaint must be settled within 30 days from the day when it was made, unless the parties agree otherwise.

Complaints may be resolved:

  1. by free of charge repair

  2. by providing a discount from the price of the goods

  3. by exchanging the product for a faultless product or different goods

  4. by refunding the money

The non-acknowledged defects are changes to the properties of the goods, which arose as a consequence of wear and tear or the incorrect use of the goods.

Contradiction with the Purchase Contract

If upon their acceptance, the goods do not comply with the purchase contract, the Buyer will be entitled to have the Seller put the goods, free of charge, into the condition, compliant with the purchase contract, subject to the requirements of the Buyer either by exchanging the item or repairing it. If such a procedure is not impossible the Buyer may demand a reasonable discount from the price of the item or withdraw from the contract. Nevertheless, this will not apply, if before accepting the item the Buyer knew about the contradiction with the purchase contract or he himself caused the contradiction with the purchase contract.

Final Provisions

These terms and conditions are valid in the wording posted on the Seller’s website, on the day of the Buyer sending an electronic order. By sending the electronic order the Buyer accepts any and all provisions of the terms and conditions of sale and delivery in the wording valid on the day of sending the order, without any reservations and he also accepts the applicable price of the ordered goods including the transportation or postage charges specified in the catalogue of the e-shop at, unless provably agreed otherwise. The parties have agreed that unless the terms and conditions of sale and delivery explicitly specify otherwise, their rights and obligations will be governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code if the Buyer is a physical entity, and the Commercial Code, if the Buyer is a legal entity.

How to make puchase

1. Order the goods

2. Cost of transportation and packaging

Packaging and transportation inside the territory of the CR:

The price of the transportation and packaging is CZK 150.00 inclusive of VAT. If the end price of your shopping exceeds the sum of CZK 3,000.00, the cost of transportation and packaging will not be charged.

Packaging and transportation outside the territory of the CR:

to kg to kg to 10 kg
Belgium €44.00 €50.00 €60.00
France €44.00 €50.00 €60.00
Italy €44.00 €50.00 €60.00
Germany €20.00 €30.00 €32.00
Netherlands €44.00 €50.00 €60.00
Norway €55.00 €62.00 €74.00
Poland €29.00 €32.00 €39.00
Portugal €55.00 €62.00 €74.00
Austria €29.00 €32.00 €39.00
Slovakia €13.00 €14.00 €17.00
Slovenia €70.00 €78.00 €93.00
Spain €55.00 €62.00 €74.00
Sweden €55.00 €62.00 €74.00
Switzerland €44.00 €50.00 €60.00
Great Britain €44.00 €50.00 €60.00

3. Method of payment

  • Cash on delivery (only in the territory of the CR), paying for the goods upon their acceptance.

  • By bank transfer. The goods will be sent immediately after the said account is credited with the relevant payment. We will notify you about the day of the goods dispatch by e-mail.

4. Delivery of the goods

In view of the fact that all the goods are sent by DPD (courier service), it is best to choose the delivery address as such. place where you are usually present during the day. It is possible to collect the purchased goods in person at the address of our high street shop. Palackého 103, 290 01 Poděbrady. In this case the transportation and packaging fees will not be charged.

5. Guarantee and complaints

See the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery.

6. Personal data protection

See the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery.

7. Contact

Should you have any queries, please contact us by e-mail at (any time) between 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. (Monday-Friday)